• COVID-19 announcement

    Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, we’ve updated some information about the Folk Arts and Crafts festivals 2020 respecting all regulations and keeping social distancing. We’re trying our best to meet together this year. Please have a look at the revised dates in the section below. We’ll inform all registered craftsmen individually by email.


    Thank you for understanding. Stay safe.

  • Traditional Folk Crafts Festival


    Kúpeľný ostrov, Piešťany

  • How to apply?

    We welcome all manufacturers of traditional crafts such as blacksmiths, pottery, tinkering, woodcarving, production of Easter eggs, weaving, spinning and many others. Events are intended only for producers - craftsmen, not companies or persons who trade in goods but do not produce crafts by themselves.

    We do not provide space to catering companies, refreshment stands, interested parties whose activities have nothing to do with folk crafts, e.g. sale of spices, books, garden supplies, flowers, etc.

  • Videos from previous events

    Video: Ľudové remeslá Piešťany 2019

    Video: Ľudové remeslá Piešťany 2016

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