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Chance for Minorities

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Project coordinator:

Tradičné ľudové umelecké remeslá, Leopoldov, Slovak republic


Stowarzyszenie Forum Ceramików, Gliwice, PL

Project is supported by: 🇪🇺

Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC), ERASMUS+ and National Agency for Education and Training.

The project Chance for Minorities was aimed at increasing the expertise and competencies of selected members of our association by participating in learning courses and consequently in their active work in teaching folk crafts for minority groups. At the same time, the project's key objective was to increase the level of one of the main activities of our association - taking care of people from minorities.

The co-ordinator of the project is Traditional Folk Arts and Crafts and the partner is the Stowarzyszenie Forum Ceramików from the Polish city of Gliwice. During two tours, there were held two-week seminars and creative workshops, which took place in Stowarzyszenia, Poland. Fourteen participants from Slovakia were given the opportunity to participate in this project. They will use their knowledge and experience in their next roles as co-workers of the Traditional Folk Arts and Crafts association.

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