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Chance for Everybody

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Project coordinator:

Tradičné ľudové umelecké remeslá, Leopoldov, Slovak republic


Centrum sociálnich služeb, Český Těšín, CZ


Klub Kreatornica, SRB

Rokodelske Center Ribnica, SI

Miejski Dom Spokojnej Starosci, Ustroň, PL

Project is supported by: 🇪🇺

Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC), ERASMUS+ and National Agency for Education and Training.

Main objectives:

  • To gain self-confidence and creating positive attitude and mood among seniors and people with disabilities
  • Improvement of training for managers and occupational therapists in special care homes
  • Increase learning of arts and crafts skills for beginners and people who have lost their jobs so they can retrain and re-enter the work process
  • Promoting folk crafts to the general public and organising Folk Arts and Crafts festivals

For this purpose, the project partnership consisted of six partners from European countries, including Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia. The country organisers and their institutions are engaged in long-term work with people who were our main target group for this project. In the course of two years, there were held project meetings carried out by individual partner organisation to support local activities related to the project objectives.

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