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Craft for Better Future

Project coordinator:

Tradičné ľudové umelecké remeslá, Leopoldov, Slovak republic


Stowarzyszenie Forum Ceramików, Gliwice, Poľsko /

Project is supported by: 🇪🇺

Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC), ERASMUS+ and National Agency for Education and Training.

The project Craft for Better Future is focused on the practical and professional training of selected people in the field of folk crafts. The aim of the project is not only to improve the skills and abilities of the participants in the field of folk craftsmanship, but also the possibility of cooperation of these participants in the Folk Arts and Crafts events.

The expected result of the project will be also the promotion of Slovak folk crafts abroad, the help of folk craftsmen in applying to the European labour market and then sharing of experience and contacts with civic associations and partner organizations as well as other participants. Structured courses were attended by twelve participants of the association who have long been cooperating with our organisation and attended the events and activities of the association previously.

Every year, our organisation increases the number of events held in Slovakia, which would not have been possible without colleagues from other associations. And also, the participation of learners in structured courses will not only increase their professional level, thus improve the quality and number of organised events. Moreover, it will also add value to the skills of the lecturers and co-workers, which will have a positive impact on the functioning of the institution.

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