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Creative Ergoterapeut

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Project coordinator:

Tradičné ľudové umelecké remeslá, Leopoldov, Slovak republic


Centrum sociálnich služeb, Český Těšín, CZ

Éltes EGYMI, Mosonmagyárovár, HU

Club Kreatornica, Kovačica, Serbia

Miejsi Dom Spokojnej Starosci, Ustroň, PL

Project is supported by: 🇪🇺

Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC), ERASMUS+ and National Agency for Education and Training.

The main themes of the Creative Occupational Therapist project - as one of the pillars of special care homes are to increase the expertise and creativity of GPs in the special care homes, integrate elderly people and people with disabilities into the cultural and social life of the community and involve organizations in working with disadvantaged people. This means that the target groups are therapists, professional and other special care homes staff, retired/elderly people and people with disabilities, their relatives as well as professionals and the general public.

Project start date: September 2017

Project completion date: April 2019

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