• Our Work

    We cooperate with the Slovak Academic Association

    which has been supporting our organisation in projects

    developed under Grundtvig and Erasmus+ programs.

  • The projects are aimed at maintaining folk tradition, teaching arts and crafts for people with disabilities, elderly people and occupational therapists. In these projects, our association actively participated in the cooperation with special care homes - DSS Green House in Skalica, Slovakia.


    Our organisation has managed a number of successful projects. To name a few: Learn to Craft - a workshop in the High Tatras, which enabled courses for individuals; 2-year INTEGRA project with partners from special care homes from the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. And also thanks to the Erasmus+ Program, we organised Folk Crafts - Chance for Everybody, Chance for Minorities, Excellent Lecturers of Adult Teaching - Concepts and Core of Quality Institution, Craft for Better Future, Creative Occupational Therapist - as one of the pillars of social service homes, and Follow the Story project - an applied storytelling motivating and encouraging strategy in adult education.

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